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Corona Cleaner UVC Disinfection Casket

We have developed a proprietary Corona Clean Casket for completely neutralizing COVID-19 and other pathogens on surfaces of various products. This includes masks, hospital PPE & tools, groceries, electronic gadgets, etc. This can kill the virus in less than 13 min on all types of surfaces. System is specifically designed to ensure complete kill of Coronaviruses. Our Casket is based on a UV-C study by US FDA on SARS COV1. The design ensures every square cm of the product receives the maximum irradiation of UV light needed to neutralize Coronaviruses. All currently accepted sanitization practices for COVID-19 including washing your hands and use of sanitizers is based on the experience of dealing with SARS virus. Currently, we have three variants of Corona Cleaner Casket. You can disinfect daily groceries for a family of 2-4 in one go, Also, you can directly put in your food & grocery items and disinfect the surface before consumption.

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