Ultimed Latex Free Nitrile Gloves - 5M / month - 12 Month contract

Ultimed Latex Free Nitrile Gloves - 100pcs (General Purpose Non Sterile)- Supplier direct contract. CE and FDA approved. 60M contract / 5M per month for 12 months. Fixed price US$7.50 per box, FOB Malaysia. SPA and production schedule available for vetted buyer. SOP: 1. Parties to sign NCNDA 2. Buyer to provide Letter of Intent and Proof of Funding in the form of BCL and or LOA 3. Seller to provide Proof of Production Allocation in the form of: a. Redacted Master SPA to form basis for supplier direct SPA b. Redacted Delivery Schedule c. Redacted Production Contract 4. Seller to sign SPA 5. Seller to open Escrow and L/C 6. Production, Inspection & Delivery

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