Cranberry CIF production

*SOP for CIF by AIR Cranberry Evolve Gloves* Price 18.90$(including 50 Cents commission starts from you). Cif by air any part of the world. Monthly capacity: 200M 1. LOI( seller's format), LOA & NCNDA 2. Seller SCO (within 24 hours to 72 hours) 3. Buyer needs to share signed SCO along with MT799 (mandatory) and ICPO 4. Once bank to bank confirmation is done, an A2A will be set for buyer and seller and their attorney to discuss on terms & conditions of the deal and deliverance. 5. SPA is to be signed & LC to be opened( details will be mentioned in FCO) Note:- Price may fluctuate keeping in mind the delivery port schedule and transportation involved. FCO wil come of all inclusive prices WhatsApp [REDACTED]

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