Made of Technical and advanced breathable fibers, this coverall is unlike any in the USA market today. Ergonomic, lightweight, prevents any liquid or blood penetration, can be worn without clothing but only undergarments, can be worn for over 15+ hours without perspiring and is comparable to a Level 4 Coverall. Tested at Nelson Labs in Utah, this Coverall can save the client lots of $ and offer them the best coverall in any class of coveralls. Seeing it, feeling it and wearing it speaks for itself. Once ordered, they will constantly be re-ordered throughout the year. Currently used in Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Corporations stock it for employee use pending a Future Disaster or Bio-Hazard, Schools for Teachers and Civilians. Sizing: M / L, L / XL and 2-XL Sample offerred and credited back with an Order. 25 Unit Purchase Minimum. We also offer this Coverall in a Safety Kit for Travel with a 3Ply Ion Layer Face Mask, 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves and an Airline Size Bottle of Hand Sanitizer. ( Please Inquire )

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