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Dedicated to reducing the overspending, protecting the supply chains, and equipping our care providers to delivery ever-increasing quality of care. The US alone accounts for over 40% of the global spending yet ranks lowest in quality of care among the leading fourteen leading industrialized nations by WHO and 53rd of 200 by Bloomberg. In our opinion circumstances that are uncalled for and need to stop. Cutting out the rsk and waste in PPE by prooviding supplies shipped directly from the leadig manufacturers. Collaborating with other like-minded suppliers to aggregate our buying capacities to increase our access to volumes, reduce our pricing to our customers, and acquire the leading products without having to revert to lower-quality brands. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Visionaries in Technology. Built and grew comp;anies that ran billion dollar enterprises. Enlisted the cloud at a time the VC's said nobody would ever use it (six years later cloud became a word, in seven Apple introduced the iPhone). Bringing to same dynamics to healthcare. David is a Silicon Valley original named One of The Top 100 Visionaries In Technology. He entered the healthcare solutions space after learning the US accounts for 40% of the global spending yet ranks at the bottom of the list of industrialized nations by the WHO and 55th 55th in a study of 200 nations by Bloomberg. As a co-founder of HBI, he helps ensure its customers have safe and secure access to the needed PPE products and technologies, affordably priced and through a trusted supply chain, generally direct from the original manufacturers to each customer estination.

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