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All Transactions Directly With The Factory. To secure your investemt we bring you in direct contact with the owner of factory, and all transactions will be betwwn buyer and seller only - Thei the only way we can secure you get wjat you paying for. We normally working in defense og national security industry here in Thailand, and because of our special expertise and connections we started get task form overseas clients to bring them in direct contact with factories here in Thailand. We therefore decided to make Akara Medical Supply as a subdivision of Akara InterTech with specific focus on the PPE market here in Thailand. That way we secure our clients trade and it’s for real! – We even make video conference with the owner to secure you in the process. We know the key aspect of business culture in Thailand and how important relationships and local understand is to make things happens and succes. We have a wealth of experience in the defense and security industry from active duties all over the world and making business in Thailand with the government, military, police and other industries with special needs I has a background from the military and together with his exclusive business experinces are this combinations giveing our clients something few can offer here in Thailand!

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