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Currenty the CEO and Founder of a innovative kitchen appliance. www.somplyroti.com. Due to covid, we have successfully established ourselved as suppliers and brokers in the PPE . We have 100% record in delivering quality products to our customers and our process in very trasparent and honest. I love the food industry as I believe it is a recession proof industry. With over 10 years experience in food, I have been a owner of Subway Sandwiches, a cafe and a restaurant in the past. I have also been a business development manager for an Dairy manufacturing firm. During that time, I had the privilege to be involved with key decision makers from McDonalds, Subway Sandwiches as well as Domino's. I also established key relations with retailers, food service distributors across Asia, Middle east, Europe, United States of America and Canada. I have also participated in food shows across the world including the gulf food show in Dubai. Currently I am a business development manager for American Cocktail Company heading the regions of Canada, Singapore, India , Australia and New Zealand. The relations built in the past gives me an access to key decision makers across the globe to represent the products. I would love to hear from anyone who has a passion for this industry.

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