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My name is James Gillespie, Jr. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina, but I was born in a little town called Cheraw, SC. As a youth, I served in the US Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist (Cop) and enjoyed every day of service to my country. I even had the privilege of living 15 mins outside of Madrid, Spain, for 3 years while in the military. During that time, I was able to complete an A.S degree in Criminal Justice. Upon leaving the Air Force, I completed a B.S. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Computer Science. I recently retired from a 15-year career as an IT Project Manager in the Utilities Industry, then “un-retired” after only 8 months away. I continue to maintain certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Master Project Manager (MPM), and a Fellow with the American Academy of Project Management. However, a few friends and I started a medical equipment supply company in 2003 in response to a Charlotte City Council request for more supplier diversity. In February of this year, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and at the urging of my wife to do something, since she knows that I have access to medical supplies in shortage, I founded Crisis Emergency Medical Supply, LLC. With substantial experience (26 Years of Strategic Management, 17 years in Medical Equipment Supply andDistribution, 15 Years of Project and Product Management), we ensure our company is agile, efficient, and analytical. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We consistently and efficiently deliver high-quality products to our clients. We ensure our results are measurable, which facilitates the continual optimization of outcomes.

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